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Tutoring Opportunities


The Spartan Closet is a collection of gently used clothing and accessories for students to access as needed.  There is also a collection of non-perishable food, as well as personal hygiene items.

Student Support

Working through your Emotion Regulation? Depression? Anxiety? Grief?  Click below to find helpful tips!

Mental Health and Community Resource Directory

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not an exhaustive list of Columbia's resources.  If you have any questions or concerns about getting resources for you or your family, please contact your student's counselor.

Burrell Behavioral Health School-Based Services

BBH is partnering with Battle High school to offer in-school therapy and case management to address the mental health concerns of our students.  If you would like to explore these services for your student, please email Dana Harris: 

Burrell Behavioral Health

3401 Berrywood Drive, Ste. 300

Columbia, MO 65201


Ages: 3-100

Hours: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Payment: Medicaid, Private Insurance, Sliding Scale

Services Provided: Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy

Areas of Specialty: Therapists available to address all areas

Other: Walk-in Clinic available M-F 8:30 to 4:30. Assessment will be conducted to determine need. From there appointments can be set up.

Counseling Associates

401 N. Keene St.

Columbia, MO 65201


Ages: 4-99

Hours: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Payment: Private insurance, Medicaid, Self-Pay

Services Provided: Individual therapy, family therapy

Areas of Specialty: Trauma, anxiety, depression, teen issues, child abuse/neglect, etc

Compass Health

3501 Berrywood Dr.

Columbia, MO 65202


Ages: 3-100

Hours: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Payment: Medicaid, Private Insurance, Sliding Scale

Services Provided: Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy

Areas of Specialty: Therapists available to address all areas including trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral, teen issues, identity, etc.

Heriford House

1804 Heriford Rd

Columbia, MO 65202

 (573) 639-1094

Ages: Children and families

Hours: Afternoon, Evening and Saturday

Payment: Private insurance, Medicaid, Sliding Scale, Self-Pay

Services Provided: Individual and family therapy.  Heriford House employs diverse therapists/ interns and feel it’s important to work with minorities.  

Areas of Specialty: Most issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, problematic behaviors, etc.

Family Access Center of Excellence (FACE)

105 E. Ash Street, Ste 100

Columbia, MO  65203

573-771-3223 (FACE)

Ages:  Residents of Boone County ages 0-19

Hours:  Monday-Friday 9 am-7 pm

Payment:  Sliding Scale, self-pay

Services Provided:  Clinical case managers will assist in identifying key areas of concern; review family goals; and then link you and your family to a services provider of your choice.

NAVIG8 Adolescent Treatment Program

3501 Berrywood Drive

Columbia, MO  65201


Ages: 12-17

Services Provided:  Navig8 helps adolescents and families whose lives have been impacted by the use of alcohol and/or other substances.  Our treatment program focuses on the special needs of adolescents, recognizes each individual’s needs, is client-driven, and challenges youth to achieve success in family relationships, academic performance, decision making, communication, and recovery maintenance.

Additional Community Resources:

  • The Food Bank of Central Missouri:  573-874-7848

  • Columbia Housing Authority:  573-443-2556

  • Love Columbia (includes Love Inc.):  573-256-7662

  • The Salvation Army:  573-442-3229

  • The Salvation Army-Harbor House:  573-442-1984

  • Lois Bryant House (women & children):  573-445-9411

  • Central Missouri Community Action (CMCA):  573-443-8706

  • Voluntary Action Center (VAC):  573-874-2273

  • The Wardrobe:  573-442-3260

  • Columbia/Boone County Public Health:  573-874-7384

  • City of Columbia-C.A.R.E.:  573-874-6300

  • True North of Columbia:  573-875-1370

  • Rainbow House:  573-474-6600

  • Lutheran Family and Children’s Services:  573-815-9955

Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline:  1-800-392-3738

Other Community Mental Health Supports:

  • MU Bridge Program for Psychological Evaluation and/or services.  This is a free service for CPS students, and they provide free follow up as well:  573-882-3125.  Counselors can make the referral if interested. 

  • Missouri Psychiatric Center (MUPC) Hospital (573)-884-1300. They can assess suicide/homicide ideation and acute mental health needs.

  • Centerpointe Hospital offers behavioral health treatment for adolescents and offers assessments at no cost. Call 855-623-7016 toll free or 573-615-2001.  Both inpatient and outpatient tx.

  • Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  Call 573-884-6052.

  • Boone County Family Resources-call 573-874-1995

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

  • Missouri Crisis Line: (573) 445-5035 or 888-761-4357 (V/TTY) or Text HAND to 839863

Other Community Agency Options:

  • Providence Counseling Center:  573-777-8775

  • Mayer, Flanagan, Scott, Tyler & Associates:  573-443-1177

  • MU Psychological Services Clinic:  573-882-2254

  • Lawrence, Oliver and Associates LLC:  573-214-0436

  • Aspire Counseling:  573-328-2288

  • Kindred Collective:  573-340-5145

  • The Counseling Hub:  573-586-3204

  • Human Dynamics:  573-446-6290

  • Luna Therapy Group:  573-340-5145

  • Columbia Psychology Healing Center LLC:  573-818-7010

  • Triumph Christian Counseling:  573-355-5735

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